Star Trek

Union of Alpha Zeconis

Welcome to the Palais de la Concorde!

Since it creation, Palais da la Concorde has been the home of the Federation government. It has stood at the center of Federation domestic and foreign policies while also trying to control those in Starfleet that wish to pushed it limits.

The Federation has known general peace since the end of the Dominion War, but those times have changed as whispers of war come to the attention. Yet, internally, the Federation has not been quiet as a terrorist organization has risen from the ashes of the dissatisfaction among the citizens of Federation.

At the heart of the Federation lies the passion of its people.

What does it take to run the Federation?

Who are the people who lead this galaxy and shape its future?

How do we respond when warfare and dangers are constantly abound in this ever-changing universe?

Within the upper levels of the government office, the Chief of Staff helps to calm and focus the storm of activity that perpetuates around the Office of the President. In the Communications hub, the Director plots a cohesive narrative with the Press Secretary and Speech Writer, while personal secretaries and admin staff ensures that the President keeps on to that all-important schedule. The President is also guided by his Special Advisors and Attorney General, for their wisdom and respected opinions.
Meanwhile, the many species and planetary representatives that make up the Federation itself gather in the Council – to debate, negotiate, and work together to keep their legislative agenda moving. This is where principles meets politics, where ambitions meets reality, and wishes meets compromise. It is a difficult tight-rope walk when you have hundreds of Federation members all with their own backgrounds, perspectives, and goals. But they must convene together, under the President’s guidance, to fulfill their commitment to the people they represent.

“Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change The Universe”

Relationship to Bravo Fleet

While the Palais de la Concorde will focus on our own government and political storylines, canon developments from Bravo Fleet will feature in our missions and posts. The sim itself cannot influence or dictate story progress from other sims in Bravo Fleet, unless specifically granted access by sim CO's and Bravo Fleet Administrative Council.